Fightzone Stockholm ”home of the brave, we fight for more than Money and fame”

Training today at fightzone Stockholm ”home of the brave, we fight for more than Money and fame” Since the dawn of time Hans Ersson have created national, european and World champions out of nothing. This tradition lives on through the spirit of a new generation of fighters that was athletically born in 2011, manifested in Projekt Förort and Tunga Unga.

There is a lot of things wrong with the World these Days BUT there are also a lot of positive things going on in the greatest country in the World, SWEDEN.

Imagine fleeing with your family from the horrors of war in Yemen, coming to Sweden get connected to the community of athletics/sports through Projekt Förort and Fight Zone Stockholm 2011, competing after Three weeks of training in one of Europes biggest grappling events, training others kids and teenagers after one year of training all around Stockholms suburbs. Winning everything there is around Sweden, against juniors and adults, conduct your own grappling tournaments, act referee for adults and on top of that handle and excell your grades at school. Then you train everyday far from home at Fightzone Stockholm or at the other side of town in a different suburb. You travel for the first time with your dad to an international competition i Paris France. The day before you compete all the horror that your family fled from in Yemen takes Place 100 m from your hotell, the day after you and your brother become European champions with and without GIs in front of your very proud father representing your country Sweden, your town Stockholm and your suburb Skärholmen 127. Sounds to good to be true right? Well its not!

Hasse Ersson, Fight Zone Stockholm, Projekt Förort and Tunga Unga have been making reality of what other people TALK about again, and again, and again. Do you want to give up your dreams? Do you want to quit? Never give up your dreams (for real, not step over people or stab people in the back for your ego kind of dreams) quitting is never an option! Instead come down today to Fight Zone Stockholm at kampsportstadion and make the roots of the Three grow strong, so the branches get thicker so that we later in Life all can enjoy the fruits and flowers at the end of every branch.